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Happi Axxidents has had the opportunity to work with some amazing entrepreneurs, successful businesses and community leaders.  It is through our network of contacts and our diverse client base that allows us to bring a vast knowledge of what it takes to succeed in today's market. We only take on projects that we know we can help move forward, build success and increase opportunities.


East Moon Asian Bistro (Fort Collins)


Not to long ago there was a great article being shared via Facebook.  This article was about how much time we as patrons use our cell phones while eating out at a restaurant.  The article paints a clear picture on how much we use our cell phones and how much it affects the turn over time for restauranteers.  The results were stagering...average time for someone to sit at a table and eat in 2004, 1 hour and 5 minutes.  The average sit time now is 1 hour and 55 minutes, almost doubled in  ten years.  


You may ask what does this have to do with a client story?  Well, working with the general manger at East Moon Asian Bistro we spoke a lot about how this is true in his restaurant.  This is when we advised him to take advantage of the situation since using cell phones isn't  going to change.  We explained to the GM that people love sharing things that they like on social media platforms, this gives him a great way for him to increase his online marketing for East Moon.


How?  Explaining to him that when he sees someone using their cell phone while sitting down for a lunch or dinner to encourage them to share the experiance on their phones.  Take a picture of the food or drink and post it on FB, tag people who are with you and let everyone know that your at East Moon.  If the patron does it, reward them with a free appatizer or beverage.  This will boost his online and social media presence with very little cost involved.



Tony's Bar & Rooftop (Fort Collins)


Tony's is a well known and frequeted bar located in downtown Fort Collins. Family owned, the establishement has been a huge success.  To increase their success and growth Tony's decided to increase their establishment by adding a huge rooftop patio.  HA was asked to design a logo for the new rooftop as well as coming up with a game plan to expose the rooftop to a higher-end patron while keeping their current student and younger crowd.  

While working as a account executive for Comcast
Spotlight, developing cable TV campaigns, I had the pleasure of working closely
with the Budweiser Event Center marketing team.  It was my job to design cable advertising schedules based off of event and target demographic. campaigns like Ringling Brother, The Colorado Ice and Arean-Cross.  Campaigns were built to target the right demographic with both channel (Comedy Central, ESPN, USA, TLC as examples) and time selction.
A land mark in downtwon Fort Collins, Tony's bar chose to expend their establishment by building alarge roof top patio.  We were contracted to come up with the logo design for "The Roof Top at Tony's".  WE also designed and ran a social media campaign to introduce the new patio as well as increase repeat visits. Campaign title "Tagged-In"
Miramont Wealth Management was referred to us by CH Hart Development.  Coming from a corporate enviroment to opening his own office, Quintin needed initial marketing materials to help him look profesional.  We were asked to design and layout initial business cards, letter head, event invitations and other much needed marketing material.  We were also asked to oversee the logo design to make sure the correct branding and message was established.
Through the years we have assited John S. with building a marketing game plan for the Rocky Mountian
Irish Festival.  In 2014 we were asked to over see the project as the Marketing Director.  It is our job
to develope a sponsorship package, build and train a sales team while establishing a financial plan based off of expected monies raised. It is also our job to develope a full marketing package and act as media buyer vor the event. 
We have had the opportunity to be involved with Lauren as a business/marketing consultant since she opened her first shop with one chair to now a full salon with asspirations of opening a Barber School, first of its kind in Northern Colorado. We currently act on her behalf to screen all incoming sales calls while still working as a consultant to her success.
John Davis already had a successful flooring business but it was time for him to expand his reach by increasing his marketing efforts.  Working with Davis Florring we designed a website, took on-site pictures of some of his custom work and developed an easy and interactive way for current clietns and new clients to view his work portfolio.  The portfolio was developed so he could access it with his smart phone giving him a interactive sales tool. 
Originally we were contracted by CH Hart Development to handle all marketing aspects to their new development.  The new development was given its name by Happi Axxidents, "Whispering HIlls".  based on the type of community and residents that would live in the new upcoming equestrian community we were looked to preform more of a active role as Project Manager.
Working with small start-ups is one of our specialties.  Nunna the Cluten was started by a single mother that has an amazing talent for baking and because there is a huge need for gluten free products, a small business was born.  We were contracted to over see basic marketing efforts and business development.  We assisted with finding new distribution channels for her baked goods.  With growth we also helped oversee a investment opportunity that would help her increase her production.
Following a passion of Terje's, Happi Axxidents has been a part of the Northern Colorado Rugby Club (formally known as Fort Collins Rugby) for years.  In a effort to expand the rugby program a new name and brand was introduced to all of Northern Colorado.  HA was a big part in promoting the new logo and brand through social and digital media, along with supporting materials.
The Pulse Music Festival was a brain child of Tyler Fey and Elevation Entertainment, bringing in top preformers and artist to celebrate the music cultur while hosting one of the largest festivals the area has seen.  Happi Axxidents was contracted to be the media buyer for the event, controling each advertising segment from timing to target market reach.  It was an honor to work next to one of the most well known promoters, Barry Fey (RIP).
Seeing some of the success Northern Colorado Rugby was seeing from the campaigns that Happi Axxidents put together, we were sought out by CSU Rugby. CSU Rugby requested we put together a campaign to build exposure for an upcoming event.  It was the first time the "Rugby Border Wars" between CSU and WYO was introduced.  
The FTS office that we worked with was located in Denver, CO, the local satalite processor for First Data. One of our more successful sales strategies, we developed a interactive touch screen based sales presentation that was easy to both use and follow.  The message was simple but at the same time it helped the descion makers understand how merchant processing works and how FTS was going assit them with their CC processing.  Within seven months I personally tested the presentation, hired and trained two salespeople, bringing in over 8.2 million in monthly re-occuring business to FTS.
Smaill start-ups have always been our specialty.  Mel Waite wanted to start her own massage therapy business, wanted to go independant not haivng to work in someones elses spa.  She asked that we put togehter a simple but unique logo  and basic sales materials which included business cards.  
Working as a marketing consultant for East Moon Asian Bistro in Fort Collins (Harmony location), we have been in a position to assit with media buying, digital and social media campaigns as well as basic business strategies.  At times we are also asked to design print materials.

Can't share the entire campaign strategy but as a part of our effort to keep the younger crowd engaged with Tony's and the Rooftop, HA introduced a social media campaign called Tagged - In.

To keep campaign costs low we hired a young contract photographer to visit Tony's two to three nights a week.  The nights chosen were strategic to gain the highest exposure to the campaign and to drive increased traffic on other nights. The campaign was simple, our photographer would go up to random groups of patrons and ask to take their picture.  He would explain that they could go to Tony's Facebook page to see the pictures and to Tag themselves or friends in each picture.  Each time a person was tagged in a picture they would get entered into a monthly drawing for a VIP night for them and three friends, witch included bottle service and a limo home.


In the three months the campaign was run Tony's realized a 32.25% increase to their Facebook page, campaign alone achieving over 195,300 impressions.

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