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Terje Whitmore, founding owner of Happi Axxidents is a life-long resident of Fort Collins and successful business entrepreneur. Whitmore has been an involved business member for over fifteen years and has networked extensively with government, community and civic leaders. He has also been an active leader in many city-wide outreach programs involving both youth and adults.

Whitmore’s experience is in marketing and promotions and he boasts a lengthy resume filled with his achievements. Whitmore is a cut above. He was born with a sixth sense of the strategies and applications needed to create leading edge marketing and promotional strategies that have been adopted by many local, regional, and national organizations and businesses with sound results.


With over seventeen years of sales and public relations experience within Northern Colorado and on the east coast, he has developed strong sales strategies, sound communication skills and a solid understanding of business management.  Whitmore strongly feels that in order to protect and sustain business goals, it is necessary to have a solid business plan coupled with a sound financial strategy. 

Whitmore is able to assist small businesses or large corporations in developing and following their business and financial strategies; adding his marketing and promotional ideas to maximize and ensure their success while marginalizing unnecessary expenditures.  He has developed a great insight into a business’s present needs as well visualize their future goals – and is able to strategize on how to make them attainable and affordable.


He believes that for businesses and individuals to prosper in today’s expanding global economy an awareness of their financial strengths and weaknesses is integral.  Whitmore is a dedicated team player and his business and marketing expertise are always welcomed.


Happi Axxidents is named in memory of Whitmore’s father Hap (Happi) Whitmore who passed from this life on November 29, 2007.  

So where did the name Happi Axxidents come from?  

Being an artist comes in different forms.  My father, Harry (Hap) Whitmore was an amazing musician, that was his art.  He produced a few albums but unfortunately he wasn't able to finish his final album because of cancer.

Before he passed I asked him for only one thing to be handed down to me.  Growing up I watched my father play on multiple stages and at times just jamming at home. It was his favorite guitar a Sunburst Custom Les Paul, that he love to play and every time he jammed he made the funniest faces.  It was the guitar that I wanted because it would help me remember some of my fondest memories of my father and the faces he made.

Weeks before he passed I asked him to sign the guitar in which he reluctantly declined.  He said that the instrument was worth way to much to be signed.  My response was that the guitar was priceless to me and would never be sold. A few days before his time he finally signed his guitar....his last album title...

Happi Axxidents


In fact if you look at our logo you can see the Sunburst guitar and the strings, so Hap can share his art for years past his time. 

                                                                                                     Terje Whitmore

Follow your passions...


Personally I believe that everybody should have a passion, an outlet, a way to express who they are or who they want to be.  Simplified that's what marketing is for a business.  


My passion, besides marketing, has been Rugby.  The sport has given me the opportunity to learn many of life's challenges.  It has taught me leadership, while realizing success is built with a team.  


Years Playing - 14 yrs

Years playing Super League - 3 yrs

Years as Northern Colorado Rugby President. - 9 yrs

Years as Northern Colorado Rugby Head Coach - 2012 to 2016

How do you define SUCCESS?

Leslie Carol Botha possesses a wealth of strategic communications experience that has been finely honed over the years. She has been a broadcast journalist in radio and television, a public speaker, author and blogger.


Botha intuitively understands the elements needed for engaging content to build followers and connections as well as in developing communication strategies that convert to sales. She is aware that for entrepreneurs the toughest competition is online. Competition can be worldwide and grow in a blink of an eye.

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