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Up until a few years ago HA usually contracted a graphic artist to do the design work on logos and other marketing materials.  Depending on the wants and needs of our clients we would work with two to three artists that had different design styles.  Every time we had a designer working on a project, there was this anticipation and excitement to see what creative ways the artist was able to translate our words, words that stemmed from the client, into a logo that could create the perfect brand and image.


At times it was a challenge to get the clients image that they see in their head and that they portrayed to HA, translated to the artist to get the finished product that was being sought after.  So we started creating images and logos because it was easier to translate the image that the client is looking for.


Whether you’re looking for a logo, need to update your logo or need images created for your marketing materials, everything is now done in house.  We will work together to create exactly what you’re looking for.  Considering color schemes, message in the brand and who your target market is, we will create a logo that will make you proud.

Graphic Design

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