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Every business, from small local companies to the large corporate giants, have different challenges when it comes to choosing marketing strategies. There is no such thing as a “cookie cutter” marketing plan, well that is if you have a smart, well defined plan.


Specific industry knowledge isn’t enough to truly implement a strong marketing strategy, at least one that will offer the ROI that the business is looking for. There is a lot of research and local market insight that needs to happen. A great written marketing strategy is going to have detailed information on the following:


Defining demographics, and that doesn’t mean EVERYONE is your customer. To truly understand and streamline your marketing efforts, especially as it pertains to your budget, a business needs to have a detailed idea of who their top target demographics are, starting with their perfect customer. 


Develop a marketing message. Who, what, why and when? How is your target demographic(s) going to react to the businesses message? What do you want your customer to do after reading, seeing or hearing your message? How do you want people to feel about your company before they walk through your front door? 


Determine media tools. There are thousands of different media options for you to choose, and that’s on a local level. Again, defining your target demographic(s) is going to allow a business to make the right media choices. 


Budget. After you understand what your target is going to respond to, we now need to apply a budget that will sustain a constant marketing message keeping your brand and message in front of the right customer. A part of a business’s marketing budget is ROI which enables a business to keep their campaign running and expanding into new markets. 


Define marketing goals. What is it that the business is trying to accomplish? Driving more people through the door doesn’t always automatically mean more net profit. Driving more spending doesn’t always mean moving more product. By defining a marketing goal a business can track monthly successes and weaknesses so that a campaign strategy can be adjusted to ultimately achieve the needed result.


Terje’s Rule of 3 R’s    1. Readership    2. Recognition    3. Response


Ultimately this is where Happi Axxidents excels. Having the opportunity to work with many clients in many different industries, we have developed insights to all these industries. The HA Marketing & Sales Strategies team works closely with our clients to define each of these needs, ultimately developing a strong marketing game plan.


Marketing Strategies 

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