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You know your target demographic, your true and best customer/client has been determined.  Your company is now in a place to implement and launch a marketing and advertising campaign.  What media does your business invest in?  Who is going to be able to deliver the RIO that is desired within a budget that is sustainable?  Some choices in Northern Colorado…



Coupons & Direct Mail

Digital & Social Media

Cable TV


On-Site Promotions

Billboards and Signage

Cross Promoting (marketing partnerships)

Event Sponsorship


The choices are endless and the challenge is huge!  Who do I use?  Do I use multiple media to get my brand in front of my customer/client multiple times?  This is all about your companies marketing strategies.  Happi Axxidents has worked with 100’s of media groups here in Northern Colorado, bought from many and sold for a few.  We have a great understanding of how each media works and interacts with different target groups.  We represent our clients by researching each advertising product and understanding how it will work in conjunction with our clients business goals.  It is then we start the negotiations…call us, we will explain.

Media Buyer

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