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Microbe PRO LLC
Green Engine Technologies LLC

Sometimes ideas and products that are introduced to the team we see a larger picture, an opportunity to change the world for the better.  These turn into personal projects that we take on with passion, projects that we put our name on.


National Liquor Tour LLC

Green Engine Technologies, Inc.

(GET, Inc.) created a unique

opportunity to market a

technologically proven

magnetic oil filtration

product (a snap-on

to the common oil

filter), to enhance

automotive engine performance and decrease

oil waste.  GET, Inc. created a buzz by aligning our products with the popular national GoGreen campaign, creating an enticing proposition for every residential and commercial vehicle owner. 


The product line and value proposition will change how vehicle owners think when bringing their vehicle in for their regular 3,000 mile oil change.  They will not only have a choice about "topping off" their windshield wiper fluid, but they will also have the opportunity to purchase a product that will ultimately, improve performance, and while contributing to environmental efforts to reduce oil imports and off-shore drilling. 


Every vehicle driver is a potential customer. Successfully capturing the US consumer market requires marketing campaigns that educate consumers about FilterMag™ a line of rare-earth magnets that affix to standard screw-on oil filters, collect and trap metallic residue as oil passes through, and thus extend oil life, reduce maintenance cost, and improve overall engine performance.


GET, Inc.'s marketing campaign is designed to piggyback on the well known GoGreen campaign.  The plan is to support programs that raise awareness of consumer oil consumption and relief efforts for other potential man-made environmental oil disasters. FilterMag™'s simple application makes it ideal for municipalities and government agencies to implement inexpensive alterations to fleets, make a positive impact on oil consumption and budgets, and draw attention to their commitment to be "green". 


GET, Inc. has developed several focused strategies designed to saturate the U.S. market. Strategies for immediate distribution covering 14 states have already been developed.



Microbe PRO Systems is a family of products, consulting, testing and application services and that provide solutions for antimicrobial and odor concerns.

GET video produced and filmed by VIA and Doug Usher

The entrepreneurship spirit.  It's the drive to create a business from a single idea that keeps us motivated.

However, that is just the beginning in terms of what the NLT will offer.  The NLT system will have the exclusive ability to

address patron's and establishment's immediate concerns over the enforcement of stricter drinking and driving laws with the creation of an ingenious and timely concept; “One Touch Call a Cab”, (OTCC).  With the simple touch of a finger, an NLT customer will be able to discretely contact a local cab company to request a ride home or to another destination without risking injury, accident, or jeopardizing their driving record due to overdrinking. Likewise, NLT will also take part in a responsible drinking campaign by limiting users to only two drinks per night ordered through the NLT System.


In addition, with the development of a network system that will document useful information, the NLT system will have the capability to create a database of market research that will track consumer choices from any full service bar establishment where the system is positioned – all over the nation.  The system will have the resources to maintain a database that will record specific demographics and drinking trends which will be useful to establishment owners as well as liquor distributors and manufacturers for product development and promotional campaigns – giving both an edge over their competitors, thus ensuring that the NLT system will be in high future demand.


The solution lies in the ingenuity and the development of the NLT system which will be able to generate added revenues for the establishments through additional bar sales.  A percentage of those sales will be returned to NLT as revenue flow.  Additional revenues are also anticipated from kiosk banner advertising for the OTCC program, website advertising, as well as promotional give-a ways on the website, and specific database information that is useful to bars, restaurants and the liquor industry.

 National Liquor Tour was designed to launch an interactive software technology that is user friendly, fun and exciting, and has the potential of becoming a multi-million dollar business based on a product that a large percentage of our nation's consumers already use; alcohol.  NLT will enhance that experience by promoting responsible drinking in a new, hi-tech way while providing a safe way home for people who have overindulged.


The NLT system will be engineered with the latest interactive software technology in an attractive kiosk that is placed in a high traffic area in the bar or restaurant.  The NLT system will have a touch screen that will give the user an option to explore a whole new world of enticing drink combinations in a variety of different tours in an on-screen menu format.  With over 8,000 mixed drinks available, the potential is nearly unlimited for the number of patrons and the duration of use. 

Our clients receive customized care for their unique microbial and odor concerns. We attack problems in different ways, as no one solution fills every need. For example, odors come from different sources.


Odors derived from mold and mildew in many environments are treated with our Detergent Disinfectant Pump Spray. It is a broad spectrum disinfectant that is a fungicide and mildew stat. When properly applied it kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria that it comes in contact with leaving a nice fresh smell. 


Odors derived from nicotine or other smoke contaminants are best treated with our Chlorine Dioxide solutions. AqueSan is an innovative product that allows for liquid chlorine dioxide to be created on location without the need for large equipment. When applied properly it will eliminate those odors as well as odors caused by mold and mildew. Our other chlorine dioxide solution is a patented release system micro reactor Odor Rescue. Again this is an innovative product that creates chlorine dioxide in its gaseous form for seeking out and destroying odors at those hard to get to locations. Unfortunately while the odor has been completely eliminated there is no preventative for reintroduction of smoke odors.


It is important to note at this point that the application or delivery process used is extremely important. When working with any chemical it is important to understand things like dwell time, dosages, and curing.  At Microbe PRO Systems we have researched and worked with the developers that have created our product solutions and work directly with the labels approved by the EPA. We never make promises that we cannot deliver on. There are many claims that are and will be made in this industry and we strive to separate ourselves from the competition by applying scientific reasoning and evidence to support each of our solutions. This is why we work in partnership with the manufacturers at CLO2 Systems, the creators of AqueSan and Odor Rescue.


As we investigate and identify proven and effective revolutionary technologies, we will be adding them to our existing product line.  We strive to continuously offer our customers cutting edge solutions with the most reliable technologies on the market today.


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