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A lot of our clients hate to hear this but we ALL are salespeople as business owners.  That being said, many clients have never thought of themselves as a salesperson and in fact the thought of them selling makes them uncomfortable.  The simple act of shaking hands is selling.  With a simple hand shake you are asking for this person to trust what you are about to tell them, asking for their attention and letting them know you’re confident in your product or service.  A handshake “sells” a lot.


HA has also encountered companies with amazing products and can sell those products on a “one on one” basis.  What they couldn’t accomplish was putting together a sales management system or ideas on how to grow their sales staff and operations.


Some of the things that a company has to think about when putting together a sales strategy:


  • Who is my target client or customer (who is my perfect customer)?

  • What form a communication am I going to use (cold calling, telemarketing, emails, social platforms)?

  • What is my ultimate goal with each sales pitch (at times it’s not about getting the close but creating a contact)?

  • Because of the internet people have short attention spans, how do you get your product or service to stand out in a very short amount of time?

  • How do I progress from day to day selling to sales managing?

  • That are your target clients “hot buttons” as it pertains to your product/service and their needs or wants?

  • Research your competitors pricing, advertising and involvement with their sales efforts.  How are they getting their clients/customers?

  • What happens when someone says “NO”?


No matter where you are with your companies sales strategies, Happi Axxidents can offer a direction, a new look or even a more streamlined sales process to your current sales strategy.

Sales Strategies  

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