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"I know Terje to be nothing short of hard working, organized, creative, trustworthy and reliable. He has excellent rapport with many people, from Rugby to business. His level of communication and knowledge is amazing.


In summary, I highly recommend Terje for any endeavor he may seek to pursue. He will be a valuable asset to your company or organization without question."

"As the Marketing Director in the event industry, many advertising campaigns are placed very last minute or need the extra value or promotion to complete the buy, we could count on Terje to present his product in a prompt and organized manner and also to make our promoters satisfied. Terje was very professional and presented himself in a positive manner and he would be a valuable and talented addition within the sales industry."  
"Terje aided every department within the company. His work consisted of but was not limited to writing press releases, insuring our brand was consistent and organizing and launching a marketing plan. Our marketing consists of billboards, radio advertisements, local and large magazine advertisements, deal site advertisements, Denver light rail advertisements, and much more. Terje was the glue that held the team together. Terje stayed on top of all projects, he coordinated and executed the steps in planning, implementation, and follow-up with ease. Not only does Terje fulfill his obligations, but he goes above and beyond his duties as he assisted me with many aspects of our business." 

Some of  our Clients That we have Enjoyed Working With


"I quickly became aware of some of his most oustanding qualities. terje has a wonderful way of dealing with people. i found they respected him and took information from him easily.  he was always extremely organized make meetings go very smoothly.  He performs well under pressure.  there is a wonderful air of confidence that he brings to the table. he is always willing to put 100% into any job that he is doing. I knew he cared very deeply about what we were working on and would do whatever it took to make it succeed."
"His enthusiasm, out of the box thinking and customer centric approach to every sales challenge are attributes that contributed to who we are as a company.   He single handedly brought a new concept to the Fort Collins market and made it work through the use of marketing materials which were compelling, professional and attractive to the eye."
"In meeting my business needs, Terje has demonstrated a well-rounded mastery of all concepts relating to business from leading negotiations, to cost and price analysis, to marketing strategies.  He has specifically helped me to navigate a partnership dissolution and at the same time made it evident to investors that my business was more than ever on the road to success.  Happi Axxidents has helped me to put into words my vision for my bakery and outline a specific goal plan to make that vision a reality."
"Terje is truly dedicated to his clients. he delivered on all his promises and is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Terje to anybody that I wiork with.  I know he will deliver on his end of the commitment.
Thank you for all that you do."







Above & Beyond






Hard Working

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