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There are so many site designers, online tools and other graphic options when it comes to website designs.  The key is in the message, the content and what the company is trying to accomplish with having an online presence. 


When it comes to your customer/clients, 81% or more will take the time to research companies and products online before they make large purchases (Reference site STAMFORD, Conn. July, 12 2013).  The key is to know your customer, how they interact and what they respond to when researching the products or industry that your company is in.  Your site also has to be easy to read and navigate, as to which your client/customer can get the content that is important to them within a few clicks.


What is the goal of your desired website?  Are you trying to sell a product online?  Is your company looking to educate the consumer market about what you offer?  Do you need your site to set up appointments, collect data and drive traffic to a location?  Setting goals for your website is very important.  It is these goals that will help adjust the message and keep content fresh and up to date.


When a company has a game plan for a website it is then the design and operating capabilities are put together to accomplish the overall website needs.  When designing it is important to understand that this is the leaping off point to branding your company online.  Colors, images, content and maybe some movement to help keep the readers eye on your page.


Happi Axxidents works closely with our clients to ensure websites are a key function to any marketing and business plan.  It is HA goal to design a site that you will be proud and excited to send your current customers to, knowing that the site will attract and encourage your potential customers to know more about your business.

Website Design

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